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Questions to ask when selecting your 2016 healthcare plan

Adventist Health Health and Wellness
Selecting your 2016 healthcare plan

Selecting the right health insurance for yourself or your family can be difficult. Asking the right questions can help you identify what will be important for you.

It's open enrollment season and many people have the opportunity to make changes to their healthcare plans at this time of year. Adventist Health knows that selecting the best healthcare plan for you and your family can be overwhelming and at times confusing. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before making a decision, as well as tips to help you navigate the process to ensure you and your loved ones are covered for the upcoming year.

  • How much will my plan cost? Narrow the field to a couple plan options you can afford that will be best for your family's medical care needs. There may be new options to consider this year and remember that a higher price doesn't necessarily mean higher quality.
  • What will my health plan cover? Consider what your plan will cover for routine check-ups, copays and other standard medical bills. Also take in to account prescription coverage and alternative care such as massage, acupuncture or naturopathy. Integrative medicine and medical homes are less traditional primary care options gaining traction in the Portland area. If you're considering one of these whole-person healthcare models or options, make sure your healthcare plan will cover the costs.
  • Is my preferred doctor in network? Many people find a favorite physician or nurse practitioner they prefer to see or a pediatrician for their child. Before selecting a plan, check if visits to your preferred doctor will be covered.
  • Is there a clinic I prefer? Certain clinics may offer convenient services and amenities to patients that you may consider important. The medical home model for instance may offer weekend or evening hours and in-clinic lab, imaging, and pharmacy services so you don't have to stop elsewhere for additional services.
  • Will I be prepared for the unexpected? Consider any life-changing events that could affect your coverage in 2016. Are you planning to have a baby or will you need a major surgery next year? Your plan should prepare you financially in the instance of any life-changing event.
  • What are my deadlines? Avoid making a last-minute decision when choosing your plan. Schedule reminders and alerts on your smartphone calendar so you don't forget. Take enough time to research your plan options to ensure the coverage you choose is the best option for you and your family.

Our latest podcast, Health Insurance 101, offers more tips on selecting the right insurance plan.