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Oregon setting the trend for medical home movement

Adventist Health News

Medical homeHave you heard the term “medical home?” If not, it’s likely that you’d be hearing those words more often.

Medical homes are a newer model for patient-centered care that brings various healthcare providers under one roof to provide a more comprehensive care team.

"Medical homes offer easier access to a physician and a convenient one-stop visit for patients seeking medical attention," said Dr. Leonard Bertheau, Physician D.O., of Adventist Health Medical Group. "Depending on each medical home, a patient could potentially visit his or her physician, pharmacy, counselor and dietician all in one location, allowing patient care to be tailored to fit each person's unique medical needs and schedule."

Adventist Health is committed to bringing the newer model of care to our patients. In fact, Adventist Health operates 10 certified medical homes in the Portland area, each receiving  the highest rating available for medical homes.

Learn more about medical homes and hear how Oregon is leading the way for the country.