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Mascari to Lead Wellness Program

News St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake Committed to Community Health

Citing Health Rankings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that show Lake County coming in last place in California for health outcomes, officials at Adventist Health and St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake (SHCL) are getting serious about addressing the issue of Lake County’s low health ratings.  
To that end, a new Community Wellness Director position has been created and filled.  Shelly Mascari will be joining SHCL in this new role on March 16.  Mascari, who has lived in Lake County for the past decade, has worked as Communications Director for the Lake County Office of Education for the last seven of them.  She also developed and launched The Hero Project, a parenting program that has gained momentum over the past year, focused on supporting parents in making their children the top priority, thereby improving school readiness and child health and wellness.

“Shelly has demonstrated a commitment and a passion for improving outcomes for Lake County citizens.  Her strong relationships with individuals and agencies throughout the County will benefit our organization as we seek to support and inspire transformation that leads to improved health and wellness for all of our citizens”, says David Santos, CEO for St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake.

Tie this new position into the introduction of the hospital’s new Employee Wellness Center and experienced Wellness Coach, Lara Keyser, and you begin to see a trend.  The hospital’s goal is to get its community healthy and fit, starting from within.  “We want to encourage our own employees to make their health a top priority.  We want to lead by example”, says Santos in describing these new additions to the hospital.

There is a bigger picture to all this wellness taking place at SHCL.  Soon, the hospital will be inviting the community to take part in fitness challenges and to track their progress with the support of their parent company, Adventist Health.  The first corporate challenge is to Adventist Health employees: a 10-day no-sugar diet with incentives built in through their optional “Engaged!” health insurance plan. 

As one patient put it recently, “the exercise program at Live Well [SHCL’s lifestyle and wellness program] has really helped me feel alive. After my workout I feel energized and happy.  I’m getting stronger and in less pain”.  That’s the kind of outcome St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake’s leaders have in mind for all the residents of Lake County, patients or not.