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Adventist Health providers are promoting heart health in Portland

Adventist Health News

Our doctors are serious about the health of our community. During heart month they were particularly active about spreading the word on heart health. Below are a few of the opportunities our doctors had to encourage a heart-healthy Portland.

Did you know that broken heart syndrome is a real condition? And women are more likely to suffer than men. Dr. Sarah Winslow spoke with Elizabeth Hayes at the Portland Business Journal and shared tips on how women can maintain a healthy heart.

Dr. Thomas Molloy was featured in the Oregonian on an article on the progress of medicine. Advances such as robotic heart surgery are leading to much shorter recovery times for our patients.

Even before Heart Month officially started, Dr. Katherine Strelich was on TV helping Portland understand how they can prevent heart disease and determine their own heart health. Watch her segment on a previous post.

Dr. Leonard Bertheau was featured in Health Life magazine. Dr. Bertheau discussed diabetes and the differences between Type 1 and Type 2.