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Dance With Our Stars, A Fundraiser for Rideout Health Foundation

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A physician, Mayors of Marysville and Yuba City, a wedding boutique owner ‐‐ plus other fabulous folk are among the local celebrities participating in the fifth annual "Dance with Our Stars" fundraiser June 19 & 20, at Colusa Casino Resort. Here’s the line‐up:

FRIDAY, June 19

  • Celebrity Shawna Van Dusen – Pro Tim Davis
  • Celebrity Mayor Ricky Samayoa – Pro Alexandria Mazerolle
  • Celebrity Bree Gianassi‐Little – Pro Carlos Calderon
  • Celebrity Paramjeet Kaur – Pro Harjeet Singh
  • Celebrity Tara DeAguiar – Pro Nick Weber


  • Celebrity Tammy Harris – Pro Sean Vespoli
  • Celebrity Rich Gabel – Pro Michele Blake
  • Celebrity Christine Ivory – Pro Kevin Schauer
  • Celebrity Brandon Bentz, MD – Pro Cheylene Della Maggiore
  • Celebrity Mayor Kash Gill ‐ Pro Sammy Dake

Our Emcees
Carmen Smith, Jim Whiteaker, Sutter County Supervisor and Joseph Moye

Cast Coordinator
Amanda Davis

The fifth annual Dance with Our Stars (DWOS), a benefit for the Rideout Health Foundation (RHF) will take place June 19 and June 20 at Colusa Casino Resort, 3770 California 45, Colusa. The event is a spinoff of the hit television show "Dancing With the Stars."

The event is underwritten entirely by the Colusa Casino Resort. “Colusa Casino pays for everything,” explained Carol Ramirez, SVP, RHF. “They provide the venue, the professional sound and lighting and their staff to help during the event. It’s an incredibly generous gift to us.”

Last year, Dance With Our Stars was entirely sold out and raised more than $120,000, proceeds were split evenly between the ARC and the RHF. "We're expecting that this year we'll have another full house and even bigger benefit,” said Ramirez.

Each "Celebrity" has a dance professional that guides them through more than a 12 week

training process. The evening of the event, the dancers will perform two 2‐minute styles of dances. All dancers will perform a SWING as their first dance and the second performance is the "Dancer's Choice". “We’ve got everything from a Viking warrior to Bhangra,” said Ramirez.


Judges’ Choice Award is for dancing ability, and People’s Choice – goes to the dancer that raises the most money the night of the event and Voters’ Choice goes to the dancer who has raised the most sponsorship money.

Ticket Information:

There is a limited amount of tickets still available for both nights. Each evening the Ballroom can accommodate over 500 people. At this date, only a limited number of tickets are available by calling, 530.751.4070.

General Seating tickets available for $35.00 each.

Even if one is not attending, they can still support the effort by donating online at or by contacting the RHF to purchase as many $1 votes as one would like. This donation will be attributed to their favorite dancer and will help him or her win the coveted "Voters’ Choice" Award.

Proceeds from this event will benefit:

The Rideout Health Foundation so that they may contribute to the on‐going success of Rideout Health by supporting capital improvement projects, technology and programs benefitting patients and the community. A portion of the proceeds will also be made to the American Red Cross of Northeastern California.

For more information call:
Carol Ramirez, SVP‐ 530 751‐4070 (Rideout Health Foundation)

Photo opportunities are available at rehearsal during the performances on June 19 or 20. Please call to let us know you’re coming – 530 751‐4070.

989 Plumas Street, Yuba City, CA 95991 T 530.751.4010 F 530.751.4226