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GAMC Physicians Help Acquire Heart-Lung Support Units

Community Partnerships

With appreciation to Glendale Adventist Medical Center (GAMC) physicians and a host of other generous donors from throughout the community and hospital, the most advanced portable heart-lung support system soon will be available on campus to help sustain the lives of patients in need of a lifesaving procedure or surgery.

In fact, due to a record $204,000 raised in this year’s Fund-A-Need at the 110th Anniversary Gala, plus a portion of the proceeds from the highly successful evening, two CARDIOHELP units will be acquired. 

“The CARDIOHELP unit is a light, portable and super-effective support system that pumps oxygen-rich blood for the heart to sustain a patient until he is strong enough for by-pass surgery, a stent or heart transplant,” Emergency Dept. physician Anthony Cardillo, MD, explained to the attentive Gala audience. “A patient can stay on this support system for 14 days to get stronger – or in some cases to stay alive for a new heart.” 

GAMC Cardiologist Sanjay Sharma, MD, shared a true story about Sarah, one of his patients desperately in need of a transplant following several heart attacks. Just a few hours before Sarah was to be transferred from GAMC to a transplant center, her heart gave out.

“I believe this innovative, portable, heart-lung machine could have sustained Sarah’s life until she received a heart transplant,” Dr. Sharma said, pointing out the unit displayed on a small table on stage. “Sarah was 53 when she died – much too young. With this CARDIOHELP unit, we will have a bridge to a cure.”