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Better Health 7-Minutes at a Time & - Podcast

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Have you heard of the 7-minute workout? In an age of smartphones and increased activity it's being touted as the new way to stay in shape, anytime, anywhere. But does the 7-minute workout really deliver? We'll try it for ourselves and talk to some exercise experts in this episode.

CJ and Dorane discuss Dorane's experience as a busy professional who found the 7-minute workout as quick and portable fitness routine.

Jerry shares how the various exercises target specific large muscle groups and contribute to overall fitness. He also recommends trying each exercise and making sure you're fit enough to do them and adapting as needed. There's also no substitute for some of the old standards, like a 10-15 minute walk.

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CJ Anderson, Adventist Health
Dorane Brower, Adventist Health
Jerry Bazant, Adventist Health Physical Therapy


Try your own 7-minute workout online at:

7-minute workout app:

Remember to know your own fitness level and limits. Revised or modified options are available for nearly all these exercises. Set realistic goals and create a routine that's right for you.

Are you going to try the 7-minute workout? Is it something you're already doing? Do you have a unique exercise routine? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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