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New Dentist Improving Smiles in the Community


HANFORD – Dr. Rakesh Kumar is doing more than treating tooth pain; he’s also making connections with patients at Adventist Health / Community Care – Hanford Dental.

“I find that if I spend an additional 10 to 15 minutes with a patient, I can help save their tooth and save them money,” says Dr. Kumar.

An example Dr. Kumar gives is when a patient came into his office, worried that he would have to take money out of his wedding fund to pay for his root canal. “By working hard and putting in that extra time, I was able to save his tooth, and he and his fiancée were so relieved.”

Dr. Kumar says it brings him happiness and a sense of accomplishment when he can take an ethical approach in treating his patients.

He’s been practicing dentistry for 15 years. He began caring for patients in India, after graduating from Dasmesh Institute of Research and Dental Sciences in 2000. Dr. Kumar practiced in India until 2005, and then moved to the United States to attend New York University. After graduating, he moved to the Central Valley to be closer to his parents and sister. Two of Dr. Kumar’s siblings are dentists, and three are doctors.

“My mother always wanted us to be doctors,” he says. “I chose to become a dentist because I like seeing patients from all walks of life, many of whom can’t afford treatment, so it brings me great pleasure when I can help them.”

Dr. Kumar enjoys living in the Central Valley because it’s close to the Central Coast and the mountains. In his free time, he enjoys being a part of a cricket club and playing chess.

Dr. Kumar speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and some Spanish. To schedule an appointment at Community Care - Hanford Dental, Hagen Building, 1025 N. Douty St., call (559) 537-0220.