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White Memorial is the only LA hospital, and only one of two in the state of California, to use the HeRO system in its NICU

Awards & Recognition

physicians and nurse in NICU roomThe HeRO monitor system non-invasively checks the heart’s beat-to-beat variability and uses that information to detect early signs of infection long before any clinical symptoms appear. White Memorial is the only LA hospital, and only one of two in the state of California, to use the HeRO system in its NICU.

“The sensitivity of the device allows us to actually detect and treat infections before an infant becomes clinically ill,” states Dr. Robert Tefft, former NICU Medical Director and physician champion responsible for bringing this important technology to the White. “We know,” he adds, “from published research studies

the HeRO monitor can reduce neonatal mortality. And we have seen during the few months the system has been in use in our NICU that it has saved the lives of infants at White Memorial.”

Dr. Tefft is referring to a recent study published in The Journal of Pediatrics showing that for every 48 infants monitored one infant’s life was saved, a 20% drop in infant mortality rates. 

Thank you to Dr. Tefft for pioneering the HeRO project, Dr. Soha Idriss (current NICU Medical Director) for carrying forward its success, our NICU care team for undergoing the education and training needed to maximize its utilization, and last but not least, thank you to all of our donors whose generous contributions made this technological dream a caring reality for our NICU babies. Every day you are making a difference in the lives of our tiniest, sickest patients and their families. 

That difference was brought home recently when one of our very own Tatyana Leban, WMMC RN, Labor & Delivery, gave birth to Baby Boy Leban prematurely. Thanks to the determination of fellow nurses in NICU and one of our HeRO monitors, we are happy to report that he is well on his way to his first steps, his first thrown baseball, his first prom, and whatever else his bright future holds for him.

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way … let the children’s laughter remind us how

we used to be.” So the song goes. And as a reminder: “Everybody’s searching for a ‘HeRO.’ People need someone to look up to.” We couldn’t agree more. 

“I wouldn’t have my babies anywhere else,” Milagros tells us.“Everyone was very kind and caring, and took care of my twin babies and me as if we were family. I don’t think you can ask for anything better.”

– Milagros C., Mother of NICU twins