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Stand up! Sitting really does makes us sick — Dr. Wenjay Sung of White Memorial featured in the Morning Star.

Health Alert

You don't have to be in perfect health to use a standing desk, said Dr. Wenjay Sung, a board certified podiatrist who specializes in foot and ankle surgery at the White Memorial Medical Group in Los Angeles. A common misperception is that diabetics have circulation problems that can be exacerbated by standing, when in reality standing, and movement in general, can help the condition, he said. (Standing very still in one position increases the risk of blood clots, Sung said, but your average worker is hardly standing sentry at Buckingham Palace.)

People with creaky knees or heart disease can generally stand, too, Sung said. The key is to wear supportive footwear, he said. Sung, who uses a standing desk himself, favors running shoes since they tend to be more durable than other athletic footwear. Those who need to wear dress shoes to the office can keep a pair of running shoes by their desk.

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