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Staying safe in the workplace

Adventist Health Health and Wellness, News

Dr. David HallSome doctors keep a close eye on cancer cells, others monitor blood sugar levels. For some in the medical profession, the concern is workplace health and safety.

Dr. David Hall, who practices occupational medicine at Adventist Parkrose Medical Plaza, in Portland, describes occupational medicine as "kind of a little unknown niche of medicine."

Hall added, "It's actually a residency program you can complete. It takes three years after medical school, then you are eligible to take your boards in occupational medicine."

Hall describes his specialty as "the intersection of medicine and industry." These doctors handle many issues, including employee wellness.

"A lot of companies are realizing that keeping their employees healthy is a benefit not only to their employees, but it helps a company have better productivity," he said, noting that another function of the specialty is to treat work injuries (worker's comp).

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