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Simi Valley Hospital Doing Its Part in Recycling and Conserving Water


A few years ago, Simi Valley Hospital (SVH) established a well-planned recycling program to reduce the amount of waste each day at the hospital. The program has proven to be successful by increasing operational efficiency at all levels throughout the facility and, reducing operational costs. In 2014, the hospital recycled 251 tons of aluminum, cardboard/paper, scrap metals, plastics, wood pallets and glass.

“Like many hospitals, SVH generates many distinct categories of waste. Recycling is part of our social responsibility. Our staff and patients recycle at home and we want the community to know that their “community” hospital does too,” said Bill Werner, Vice President of Support Services, Simi Valley Hospital.
These recycling efforts at SVH conserved the following resources:

  • 3,902 Mature Trees were Saved. Representing enough saved timber resources to produce more than 48,343,000 sheets of newspaper.
  • 881 Cubic Yards of Landfill Airspace. Representing enough airspace to fulfill the municipal waste disposal needs for 1,132 people for one year.
  • 921.718 Kw-Hrs of Electricity from Recycling. Enough power to fulfill the annual electricity needs of more than 76 homes.
  • 425 Barrels of Oil. Representing enough energy to heat and cool more than 88 homes for one year.
  • Avoided 533 Metric Tons (MTCO2E) of GHG Emissions. The recycling of these materials prevented these GHG emissions.
  • 1,238,299 Gallons of Water. Representing enough fresh water to meet the daily fresh water needs of more than 16,510 people.
Below are just a few of SVH’s water saving efforts:
  • Installed smart controllers of exterior irrigation systems to control flow.
  • Have installed drip systems to feed drought tolerant landscaping and trees throughout the exterior of the facility (including new space).
  • Have met with City of Simi Valley officials to become more educated on their efforts.
  • Utilized vendor (partnering with JLL) to perform wall-to-wall assessment of water usage in order to help identify opportunities to save water (cooling tower cycles, retrofits of existing older equipment to enjoy better efficiency of use, etc.).
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