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Back Pain Seminar to Introduce Center for Spine Health

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Back pain is one of the most commonly diagnosed health issues, contributing to a significant decrease in quality of life and affecting people’s ability to work, sleep, and enjoy their favorite activities. In response, Sonora Regional Medical Center and the physicians from Northern California Spine Institute have been working together over the past few years to develop a comprehensive Spine Health program for people suffering a variety of back and neck problems.

At The Center for Spine Health, patients have many options to regain spine health – healthy lifestyle recommendations, physical therapy, medications, minimally-invasive spine pain procedures and reconstructive spine surgery are all treatment options available in Sonora. The physicians work closely with each patient to diagnose their source of back pain and evaluate the best treatment options for their specific situation.

The Center is comprised of orthopedic spine surgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, physical and occupational therapists, specially trained surgical and orthopedic nurses, and other staff members who contribute their knowledge and expertise to provide the latest treatments and technology.

To launch the Center for Spine Health and introduce this innovative program to the community, Sonora Regional Medical Center is hosting a free Back Pain Seminar. Joseph Grant, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, and Garth T. Greenwell, DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, will be presenting information about the many sources of back and neck pain and how to combine healthy lifestyle choices with cutting-edge treatments to regain spine health.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, August 20, at 5 p.m. in the Garden Café at Sonora Regional Medical Center. A complimentary dinner will be served. Seats are limited. Please call (209) 536-5028 for more information and to reserve your seat.