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Adventist Health Team Members Take 10-day No Sugar Added Challenge

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Adventist Health is committed to promoting wellness throughout our community. We believe that this starts with a healthy workforce. Last month, about 3,000 Adventist Health employees and spouses throughout Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii accepted Adventist Health's first systemwide challenge to boost optimal whole-person health. Participants committed to completing one or more activities associated with the Feb. 23-March 4 challenge: eating no added sugar in their diets for 10 days; watching Fed Up, a documentary that unveils the financial alliances in America bent on feeding our sweet tooth for profit; and reading an in-depth article on the health impact of consuming refined sugar.

A total of 1,351 employees and spouses completed all three activities, and an additional 1,500 completed at least one. 740 participants completed a survey on their impressions of the No Sugar Added Challenge. Of those, 93.5 percent reported being "extremely satisfied" or "satisfied" with the challenge. A hearty congratulations goes to Howard Memorial Hospital, which earned $2000 for their wellness team, a sweet reward for reaching the highest participation rate systemwide- 20.5 percent.

Future sugar intake graphParticipants were surveyed and respondents were asked if the challenge would have an impact on their diet going forward. The numbers in the graph show that this challenge will have a lasting impact on those who participated.