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New Pilates Equipment Strengthens Physical Therapy Patients

Physical Therapy

HANFORD – Adventist Health / Physical Therapy is using Pilates to improve patients’ health. 

Since March, the physical therapy center in Hanford has been using two new pieces of Pilates equipment, a Reformer and a Wunda Chair. Utilization of this equipment will help improve a patient’s core strength and flexibility of their spine, as well as strengthen their upper and lower extremities. 

“This is our first time utilizing Pilates-specific exercises and equipment,” says Rehabilitation Services Director Larry Jones. “However, many of the physical therapy techniques for teaching and training patients on core strengthening and core control are incorporated into the Pilates exercises, and our therapists have been utilizing those techniques for many years.”

“Utilizing this equipment will help engage patients more in functional movement patterns that will improve their outcomes and quality of life,” Jones said. 

The best part is that Pilates is something patients can continue on their own, either at home or at a gym, once physical therapy treatment is completed.

“This is really going to help me climb stairs,” one patient says of the Wunda Chair. Another patient praised the Reformer for its comfort and a great workout. 

Two out of the center’s physical therapists are attending a long-term comprehensive training course in San Francisco to become certified in Pilates for rehabilitation. Michelle Leal, MPT, and Dr. Krista Hughes began the program in January 2014 and will be certified in January 2015. 

“No one else in the area is rehab-certified in Pilates,” Jones said. “Having rehab-certified Pilates instructors will be a great benefit to our community.” 

Adventist Health / Physical Therapy is located at 210 W. Lacey Blvd. near Irwin Street in Hanford. The phone number is 559-585-3440. Click here to follow the center on Facebook.