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Leadership Team Bike-building


An Exercise in Philanthropy

What began as a team-building exercise for Simi Valley Hospital’s leadership team during a retreat in May turned into an even more meaningful life moment when a surprise was revealed at the end of their assignment.

After forming groups of three or four, most of the team members donned blindfolds and—under the instruction of a non-blindfolded team member who could provide only verbal commands—they assembled bicycles from scratch. As the teams removed their blindfolds to see the results of their collaboration, they discovered more than just a group of fully assembled bicycles: Beyond them were 10 children from the Simi Valley Boys and Girls Club, who were waiting anxiously to get hold of their new bikes.

“Needless to say, there were tears of joy from both the leadership team and the kids in that moment, and we were all proud to be part of Simi Valley Hospital,” said SVH Marketing Director Steve Sojka.