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Ukiah Coop Nursery School Day at UVMC


“So what do you want to see at the hospital today?” asked Registered Nurse and tour guide, Kristen Marin, to a lively bunch of 4-to-6 year olds eager to tour the hospital. “I’d like to see an ambulance,” said one boy, while another shared, “I want to see a baby girl!”

On Wednesday March 5, students of the Ukiah coop nursery school and their parents were able to take a tour of the hospital and see that it really isn’t a scary place. “When you give a tour to this young of a group you never really know what to expect,” shared Marin. “We gave the kids a pretty broad overview of what we do here, and how we help people.”

The tour group was able to see a newborn baby through the glass of the Family Birth Center, see and tour an ambulance, meet and talk with real live nurses and doctors in the emergency department – where kids were able to listen to their hearts with a stethoscope, and Charlie Evans, M.D., emergency medicine physician looked in some of the children’s ears. “Do you see anything,” asked one of the students, as to which, Dr. Evans replied, “I see a potato,” which all of the kids thought was hilarious. Then on to medical imaging where the kids were able to see interesting x-rays.

“We had a great time,” said Susie Newman, nursery school teacher, “The kids learned so much and they’re still talking about it. We saw everything they were interested in seeing. We have a group of children this year that are really interested in playing and learning about doctors and nurses at the school. I’m glad we had the opportunity to experience the hospital. We love Ukiah Valley Medical Center!”