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Operation: Making Dreams Come True

Awards & Recognition

HANFORD − The night of April 16, 2014, was a magical one for hundreds of Adventist Health / Central Valley Network employees; now, that excitement has been viewed by more than 650 people on YouTube. Watch the video to see how Operation: Making Dreams Come True played out in front of hundreds!

Every year, the Adventist Health network holds an employee recognition dinner for those who have served more than five years with the non-profit organization. But for months, President and CEO Wayne Ferch and a small team of co-workers had been planning to give a special surprise to employees who served 30 years or more.

That night, four long-time employees were taken aside at the dinner and interviewed on film. Mary Gomes of Hanford (30 years of service); Matilda Cooper of Selma and Cheryl Thomas of Hanford (35 years of service); and Tony Vallin of Hanford (50 years of service) were asked questions that included what they would do with the bonus money they would receive as part of their anniversary. Little did they know, they were about to get what they wished for.

With only two hours to shop, small teams of co-workers were stationed at malls and stores to receive the wishes. Mary asked for jewelry, Matilda asked for a laptop, Cheryl said she wanted to take a trip and Tony said he wanted to take his grandkids to Disneyland.

Just minutes before the night was to end, the four employees were called to the stage. Ferch thanked them once again for their service, showed video clips of their interviews and cued the team, who ran out with the gifts and presented them to the employees on stage.