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New Joint Replacement Center to Improve Patient Experience


HANFORD − Patients undergoing elective total knee and hip replacement surgery at AMC-Hanford will soon enjoy a more comfortable hospital stay with enhanced care delivery, thanks to a new Joint Replacement Center.

The center will open Monday, June 9, on the north end of the second floor. It will consist of 10 private rooms equipped with a commode, walker, overhead trapeze and recliner. Patients will stay inside these rooms with family members until it’s time to have surgery. The focus of the center is to provide patients with an exceptional experience and reduce wait times, which will in turn, decrease the patient’s stress level and anxiety.

“We want to provide patients with a unique care model of wellness, where patients are encouraged to actively participate in their care,” says Cynthia Angulo, nurse navigator for the center.

Another benefit of the Joint Replacement Center is to encourage patients to get up and move right away. “Our goal is to improve and restore their mobility as quickly as possible,” says Cynthia. “So we’re getting them up the day of surgery, as opposed to the day after, to build strength and improve functional outcomes.”

“I’m excited to function as one of the dedicated nurses for the center,” says Zena Santiago, RN. “They’ve done a great job of guiding us through this whole process.” Zena is just one of 13 staff members who will be dedicated to caring for the orthopedic patients. The staff will work closely with the physical therapy team to provide patient-centered care and to improve the continuity of care.

The nurses or a physical therapist will encourage the patient to get up and walk just hours after arriving to their room. The following day and until discharge, the patient will take part in two 30-minute group therapy sessions, one at 10 a.m. and another at 2 p.m. The idea is to surround the patients with others who are going through the same experience.

“We want patients to feel safe,” says Cynthia, “we’ve already had patients express their pain but work through it because the other people in the class are supportive and encouraging.”

The staff is using evidence-based practices that have been proven to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. These methods are meant to decrease the length of the hospital stay, cut medical costs, increase mobility so the patient is able to resume their daily activities and promote faster rehabilitation.

To find out more about the Joint Replacement Center, please call Cynthia at 559-537-1720, send an email to her at or visit