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Married 41 Years and Now Working Side by Side

Human Interest

HANFORD − We often pass our co-workers in the hall, but never really know their stories. Two employees at Adventist Medical Center – Hanford have a rich history together.

Esther and Larry Nunez have been working together in the Environmental Services Department for four years but have been married for 41 years.

The two met in 1973, in a small town in Western Mexico called Etzatlan. They had known each other for only three months before Larry asked Esther to marry him.

“I looked at her and said, oh, this beautiful lady. She is the one for me,” says Larry.

The couple moved to the United States, where they got married and had their first child, John Nunez, who is now a doctor in Delano.

They moved back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico because Larry was pursuing his dream of becoming a lawyer. He did become a lawyer and worked for the Supreme Court in Mexico. His second eldest son followed in his footsteps and is a lawyer in Guadalajara, Mexico.

They eventually decided to settle in Hanford to be closer to family. Esther began her housekeeping career in 2000, when the hospital was still named Hanford Community. Larry began working for Central Valley General Hospital in Hanford in 2004. They only recently began working side by side at AMC-H when it opened in 2010.

“I like my work,” says Esther. “I like the people, and I like to be nice to the patients. I feel for them.”

Larry praises his boss, Environmental Services Supervisor Fernando Gonzalez. “He’s a good boss,” says Larry. “He does good work.”

Anyone who’s been married for more than 40 years can tell you marriage is hard work. Larry and Esther say their secret to a long and happy marriage is much love, compassion and listening to one another.

Although their 41st wedding anniversary already passed on November 18, they say they’re looking forward to celebrating it next year in Italy. It’s their gift from their three children, John, Larry Jr. and Anita, who’s a cosmetologist.

 Larry and Esther are also the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

 “Family is my life,” says Larry.

 We’re happy both Larry and Esther are part of the Adventist Health family.