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KABC Channel 7 Features White Memorial's own Dr. Rahul Dhawan!


Strong bones, improved mood, and more efficient weight loss are just a few benefits of Vitamin D. But if it's so beneficial, why are so many of us not getting enough of it? 

Various studies suggest about 50 percent of the population is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency. One sign you could be lacking Vitamin D is muscle weakness. Experts say Vitamin D regulates neuromuscular functioning. 

Insufficient levels of Vitamin D have been linked to chronic pain, especially in African Americans. Doctors say Vitamin D plays a role in heart health as well as increasing your risk of hypertension.

Bone pain is another sign.

"Vitamin D directly works with bones, directly forms bones, prevents osteoporosis," said Dr. Rahul Dhawan with the White Memorial Medical Center.

Click here to watch the video and to read the entire article via ABC7.