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Pulmonologist, Daniel Loube, M.D., Now Offering at Home Test for Sleep Apnea


Local pulmonologist, Daniel Loube, M.D., is now offering AccuSom® Home Sleep Test so that Mendocino and surrounding county residents can test for uncomplicated obstructive sleep apnea in the comfort of home. Sleep apnea is one of the most serious and under-diagnosed conditions in the U.S. today. At home sleep testing provides a clinically equivalent, convenient diagnosis for residents who are unable to spend one or more nights away from home for a traditional sleep center test.

When asked what this at home sleep study can do for the community, Dr. Loube said, “I have been caring for patients with sleep apnea and its related conditions for many years, and have seen firsthand the difference treating sleep apnea can make in a person’s health and quality of life. The first step is to get diagnosed. Our hope in offering this accurate, convenient testing option is that we’ll be able to identify this dangerous disease in more residents in our surrounding counties and get them on the path to treatment.”

Commonly associated with snoring, sleep apnea is, in fact, a dangerous condition that causes the airway to collapse and the patient to stop breathing multiple times during the night. It has been closely linked to a number of serious conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, weight management issues and even cancer, making diagnosis and treatment essential. Research suggests that within days of beginning sleep apnea treatment, overall health begins to drastically improve – the risk of heart attack and stroke decreases, insulin sensitivity improves, and patients experience increased energy. Unfortunately millions of Americans remain undiagnosed because they are unable to spend the night away from home for a traditional sleep test at a sleep center.

Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center is now providing the latest in home sleep testing technology with the AccuSom® Home Sleep Test by NovaSom®, the leader in home sleep diagnostics for over a decade. Dr. Loube will screen patients for sleep apnea risk and order the AccuSom as needed. Patients receive the portable device and instruction on how to hook up three small breath, chest and finger sensors. Over the course of the night, the sensors directly measure the parameters needed to diagnose sleep apnea. Research has shown the technology is clinically equivalent to sleep apnea testing performed in a sleep center. NovaSom's U.S. based sleep technicians are available toll-free, 24/7 for patient support while testing.

“When testing is complete, the patient’s test results are transmitted wirelessly from the AccuSom® device over the secure Verizon Wireless cellular network to NovaSom where I will then be able to provide a quick interpretation and diagnosis. I will then follow-up with the patient and match those with sleep apnea with a treatment option that meets their needs,” shared Dr. Loube.

For more information about sleep apnea and the new home testing option, please contact Dr. Loube at the Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center at 707.463.7490. Dr. Loube’s office is located at 260 Hospital Drive, Suite 103 in Ukiah. Dr. Loube will also be presenting a Dessert with a Doc seminar titled, Breathe Easy Live Better, at UVMC on Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. RSVP (707)-467-5270.

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