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Two Providers Looking to Give Back to Avenal Patients


AVENAL – Drs. Luz Garcia-Cervantes and Paul Griffin have served the communities of Huron and Coalinga for many years. Now, they’re excited to offer care at Adventist Health / Community Care – Avenal West, so their Avenal patients no longer have to drive out of town.

“The communities have been so good to me,” says Dr. Griffin. “I’ve been seeing Avenal patients in both Huron and Coalinga, so this is my way of supporting the community.”

Dr. Garcia-Cervantes agrees.

“I have good friends and patients I’ve known for a long time that have come to see me in Coalinga and Huron,” she says. “Now it’s time for me to come to their hometown.”

Dr. Garcia-Cervantes is a board-certified pediatrician who has been with Adventist Health since 2003. She was born in Colombia and is fluent in Spanish. She earned her medical degree from Universidad del Norte Colombia and completed her residency at Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico at Hospital San Lucas.

Dr. Griffin is a board-certified family medicine physician who began delivering babies in Hanford in 1994. He’s cared for rural health patients for 11 years. Dr. Griffin was born in Canada and is fluent in French. He earned his medical degree from University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, completed his residency training at McGill University in Montreal and fellowship training at Christ King’s Hospital in Quebec.

Drs. Griffin and Garcia-Cervantes may be reached at Avenal West, 337 Kings Street in Avenal, with a phone number of (559) 386-5200.

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