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Thao Nguyen, Director of Pharmacy Services of White Memorial Medical Center featured in Insurance News article.


Thao Nguyen, Director of Pharmacy Services, White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles

Integrating paper-based and administrative records with a centralized system for patient medical records provides an inexpensive way to compile a complete patient record. Benefits include:

* Better patient care. Staff can review a patient's history immediately, as medical decisions need to be made.

* Access from anywhere. This provides a safeguard during unforeseen circumstances. For example, during heavy flu season, when half the pharmacy staff was out ill, I was able to log in from home to review the flow of medication orders and troubleshoot if there was a delay.

* Improved compliance. Any changes made to a document or digital image are tracked and captured as new versions, providing a complete history of the changes for regulatory compliance.

* Timely billing. Reducing lost and misplaced documents and providing immediate access to information allows our accounts receivable department to bill for patient services faster and more accurately, resulting in more predictable and reliable revenue flow.

*Emergency preparedness. Staff can access the DocuShare applications 24/7 from anywhere using the Internet, providing an important safeguard should there be a problem with physical