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Spring Brings New Orthopedic Surgeon to Ukiah

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Spring is in the air – rain is falling, grass is green atop the rolling hills, sun is shining, and flowers are in full bloom. Just like the visible changes taking shape all around us in our natural world, Ukiah Valley Medical Center (UVMC) is too growing physically with the arrival of a new Orthopedic Surgeon, Guy J. A. Rudin, M.D.

Dr. Rudin comes to UVMC from Minnesota where he served in a large orthopedic medical practice. When asked what attracted him to Ukiah Dr. Rudin shared, “I fell in love, but seriously I am interested working with UVMC in developing an orthopedics program. I’ve had a vision for developing an orthopedics program for quite some time and I believe I will be completely satisfied serving the people of Mendocino County.”

According to UVMC Chief Executive officer, Gwen Matthews, “We feel so blessed in having Dr. Rudin join our care team at UVMC. He is not only a seasoned orthopedic surgeon bringing skill and passion about helping people, but also will be a great addition to our community at large. Dr. Rudin has a broad set of skills and is able to provide orthopedic care for wide range of conditions from adolescents to seniors.” UVMC Chief Medical Officer, Marvin Trotter, M.D., hospitalist and emergency medicine physician also stated, “Dr. Rudin will be a perfect fit for our medical staff, and he’ll enhance the services we are able to provide at UVMC.”

As for the types of services Dr. Rudin provides he said, “I care for chin to toes and everything in between, and newborns to elder care. I enjoy sports medicine and helping athletes to achieve their goals. I also have a passion for treating people with orthopedic traumas and fractures and disorders of the hip, knee, ankle, foot or hand, with special emphasis on arthroplasty and joint replacement.”

When asked what a patient can expect from his care, Dr. Rudin replied, “I pride myself on providing a thorough evaluation and diagnosis and treating each person personably – while trying to minimize unnecessary tests, which delay and add inconvenience. I take into consideration the patient’s family, work and recreational activities.”

When not caring for our community Dr. Rudin shared, “I golf wherever there is grass and look forward to playing on the courses in and around Mendocino County, I’m also an avid skier, and enjoy scuba diving.”

Dr. Rudin is now accepting new patients at the Ukiah Valley Medical Specialties, Orthopedics clinic located at 236-B Hospital Drive in Ukiah. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rudin please call (707) 467-5278.