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Rising Scores on Community Survey


Community Survey Shows Rising Scores for Simi Valley Hospital

The community’s positive opinion of Simi Valley Hospital has made excellent progress over the past three years, according to the recently announced results of a 2013 consumer perception study.

Among the 400 area residents who took part in the telephone survey late last summer, 21.5 percent said their impression of Simi Valley Hospital was excellent and 29.1 percent said they had a very good impression of the hospital. Both of those scores were significantly higher than the scores in the last survey, conducted in 2010.

“To have nearly 51 percent of community consumers rank us as excellent or very good is particularly significant when you consider that these are not necessarily former patients, who would have had the advantage of seeing the hospital’s quality firsthand,” said Michelle Foster, who was in charge of the survey as the director of the hospital’s Marketing Department before being named the Simi Valley Hospital Foundation President earlier this year. “It is a survey of the community at large, so the changes we make in the hospital aren’t reflected as quickly as they are with surveys of former patients. This shows that the positive changes at Simi Valley Hospital are disseminating throughout the community very rapidly.”

The quick increase in positive scores took even PRC, the company that handles surveys for Simi Valley Hospital, by surprise.

“It’s interesting to note that PRC—which conducts thousands of surveys every year all around the country—was very impressed by the results of this latest survey,” said Kim Milstien, SVH president and CEO. “They told us they would never have expected such a large jump in scores over a three-year period.”

The good news surrounding the 2013 consumer perception study extends beyond the overall impression of the hospital.

“Simi Valley Hospital made progress in every category of the survey,” Foster said. “Whether it was related to quality of care, patient experience, caregivers—our results were better than in 2010.”

When survey respondents were asked to name an area hospital off the top of their heads, Simi Valley Hospital was overwhelmingly the first response—nearly 50 percent, versus almost 27 percent for the next-most-often-named hospital. Just over 32 percent called Simi Valley Hospital their preferred hospital, again more than any other area hospital.

“The great news we’re seeing from this survey is a result of the compassionate care, clinical expertise and outstanding customer service our patients and families receive every day here at Simi Valley Hospital, combined with the educational outreach and support we’re providing directly in our community,” Milstien said. “The credit goes to our employees, physicians and volunteers; without their commitment to quality and patient focus, these results would never be possible.”