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Reflections on Nursing


TBCC nursing student Erin Bravo wrote this essay describing the kind of nurse she wants to be.

“When I’m a nurse I would like to be positive, loving, empathetic and thorough. I would like to know what I am doing and why I am doing it, and I want to stay up to date on evidence-based research. If I am a leader, I want to give hope and encouragement to my staff while at the same time demanding respect and not letting anyone walk all over me.

If I am a follower, I want to praise my leader, support her publicly and share my issues respectfully and privately. If I have problems with a coworker, I want to work out my differences with courtesy and still have an intact relationship with no hurt feelings. I believe that this can be done if you think before you speak and ask yourself, ‘How is what I’m about to say going to affect those around me?’

“In my nursing career I never want to put my selfish thoughts or judgments in front of caring for patients. They may have made bad choices but it isn’t my job to judge them or decide that they don’t deserve to be treated like someone else who doesn’t do drugs or smoke or drink.

“My job is to treat the patient physically, emotionally, and mentally as best I can and provide them with the opportunity and the support they need to change every time they come into the hospital, because maybe one time they will decide they are ready to change their ways.

“In my nursing career I never want to forget that nothing is beneath me. It is my duty to clean poop off of walls, change beds, clean wounds, take vitals, wash and feed patients. I want to show my CNAS, housekeepers, respiratory therapists, PTs and OTs how appreciative I am, but also remember that if the patient needs something, I am still responsible for and capable of doing these things.”

Bravo, Erin! Nicely done.