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It's Official: The Doors to The AIS Cancer Center and Outpatient Surgery Center at SJCH are Open


Team of healthcare professionals, check. Red ribbon, check. Giant pair of scissors, check.
With everything in place, it’s official: The AIS Cancer Center and Outpatient Surgery Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH) – a 60,000-square-foot, four-story comprehensive, hospital-based center – is open!

A host of community members, SJCH employees and local dignitaries gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday morning – a sure sign that business is now underway. In fact, The AIS Cancer Center at SJCH began treating a small number of patients April 29.

The ribbon-cutting event was held in front of The AIS Cancer Center facility at 2620 Chester Ave., directly across the street from SJCH. In attendance: cancer center staff, hospital leadership, foundation donors, representatives from various politicians’ offices and, of course, Mayor Harvey Hall – who did the honors of cutting the bright crimson ribbon.

For many of the people here this morning, it was a full-circle event – they had previously attended the groundbreaking at the site, then the final beam raising ceremony and now, the ribbon-cutting, where they could now see the completed building.

“Bakersfield is a special place,” said Mayor Hall. “And today, it got even more special, thanks to San Joaquin Community Hospital’s AIS Cancer Center, which will provide a new resource for cancer care for the citizens of Kern County.”

The AIS Cancer Center is affiliated with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, allowing for an additional layer of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Thanks to the many high-tech capabilities at The AIS Cancer Center, video teleconferencing will be a regular part of a patient’s case review. Second opinions by UC Davis physicians are built-in to the system of care, as are clinical trials.

SJCH officials based the need for additional cancer care in the community on the statistic that 1 in 5 – or 20 percent – of all cancer patients leave the area for treatment.

“In our mind, that is not acceptable,” said Jimmy Phillips, director of marketing at SJCH.

Dr. Oscar Streeter, Jr. – the medical director at The AIS Cancer Center – emphasized local residents
will receive “world-class cancer care, centered on you” right here in Bakersfield.

“We are dedicated to providing the best cancer care,” said Streeter, who added that the technology combined with the personnel working at The AIS Cancer Center will be making that difference.
Some of those factors include:

  • Linear Accelerators with RadArc technology that are 50 percent faster than previous models, cutting a patient’s scan time in half. This means less stress and allows someone to return to work or home that much faster.
  • TrueBeam radiation treatment targets a tumor within 1 mm of accuracy, leaving healthy tissue alone, while the cancer is attacked with unmatched precision.
  • With On-Board Imaging capability, it is always known where the tumor is, even when having to move the patient’s position.
  • The Ambient Experience offers patients the ability to take a calming trip to the scene of their choice while undergoing CT-Simulation.
  • Board-certified physicians.
  • Specially-trained chemotherapy pharmacists.

For more information, call The AIS Cancer Center at 661-323-HOPE (4673).