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Ukiah Valley Medical Center Partners with iTriage


iTriage was founded in 2008 by two emergency medicine physicians who saw an opportunity with the iPhone to empower consumers to control and effectively manage their personal health care.

“I am excited to partner with iTriage,” shared Gwen Matthews, CEO of Ukiah Valley Medical Center. “The app, which can be accessed by mobile device and online, has features that give our community members more control over their personal health care,” continued Matthews.

Examples of those features can be seen when logging into the app for the first time. Options to customize each individual’s experience are inherent. Users can customize by gender, age, medical history, medical records, medication, appointments, and insurance information. Users can also take advantage of their location and GPS coordinates will help them find the closest medical care, whether it’s an emergency department or a local physician.

Other features include a symptom checker, list of local health care facilities, information on medications and medical procedures, and the latest health news. An additional feature is ER Check-In™, something Tim Rohan, RN, Director of Emergency Services at UVMC is excited to offer the community.

“Currently ER Check-In™ is available to patients who are in need of emergency care. You can pre-register online or through the app and tell us you’re coming to the emergency department,” said Rohan.

When asked how this will impact those already waiting in the emergency department, Rohan said, “All patients are going to be seen in order of severity, and letting us know you’re coming is not the same thing as setting an appointment. Essentially it helps you get started on filling out the paper work and notifying the emergency department that someone exhibiting certain symptoms will be coming in – giving us a chance to prepare for your arrival. Something to keep in mind is if you’re experiencing a severe medical emergency you should still contact 911.”

Chief Medical Officer at UVMC, Marvin Trotter, M.D., an emergency medicine physician and hospitalist, had this to say, “Health care is very personal and iTriage helps consumers take charge of their health. I’m excited that we can partner with iTriage to offer this service, especially ER Check-In™. And truly the best part is—it’s free!”

If you have a smartphone you can download the iTriage app in iTunes or GooglePlay. You can also take full advantage of iTriage online at