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Passing of the Torch


After 34 years providing primary care to Tillamook County patients, Dr. Calvin Hill is transitioning to full-time hospitalist. As of Dec. 31, Dr. Hill will no longer be seeing patients at the Plaza. In an effort to ease the transition for his patients, some of whom he has treated for four generations, Dr. Hill orchestrated a meet and greet event at the Plaza Dec. 9, where he introduced his patients to the new providers to whom he is referring them.

Approximately a hundred people showed up for the event to thank Dr. Hill for his many years of service and to meet the new providers. It was a gracious passing of the torch by Dr. Hill, reminiscent, he said, of the experienced doctors who encouraged and mentored him 34 years ago when he started his practice in Tillamook.

Thank you, Dr. Hill, for all of your years of service. You have blessed this community as a primary care provider, and you will continue to bless us as a hospitalist.