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Oranges for Their Stockings


Over a ton of citrus fruits were donated to the food bank for Christmas by Tillamook Medical Group physicians and providers and the governing board of directors for Tillamook Regional Medical Center. This is the second year that Adventist Health providers and board members have elected to forgo their traditional Christmas baskets in order to make a gift of food to the community.

The $2,500 earmarked for Christmas gifts for providers and board members was used to purchase 3,259 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for the food bank. Tillamook Fred Meyer partnered in the gift by providing a 10 percent discount, and they added 350 pounds of free bananas to the order. In all, the food bank received 3,609 pounds of produce in the form of citrus fruits, yams, celery and bananas, which represents five pounds of produce for 721 Tillamook County families.

This food will be distributed in Christmas food boxes throughout the county. “Word has gotten out about the citrus fruit donation,” said food bank manager Melissa Carlson-Swanson. “People are really excited about it. They have been calling and asking when they can come and get fresh produce for the Christmas food boxes. We didn’t have any citrus fruit at all in the warehouse. We are overjoyed to be able to offer people tangerines, oranges and grapefruit for Christmas.”