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Congratulations DAISY Award Winner, Sara Koberstein!


Every 6 months the employees, clinical staff, volunteers and patients of Tillamook Regional Medical Center honor an RN or LPN with the DAISY Award. Sara Koberstein, RN, is the fall/winter 2013 Daisy Award honoree. Nominations are collected from patient compliments; this is what one of Sara’s patients wrote about her care:

Sara is attentive, caring, & cheerful. I totally trust her with my care. She goes above and beyond. She remembers every week that I have trouble staying warm and has the heat turned up and two blankets ready! She remembers that my husband and I like orange juice. We never have to ask! If she is working in another area and knows it’s my chemo day, she comes to visit on her break. She is very professional. I never mind chemo day because everyone in outpatient services are great but Sara makes me laugh!

Sara Koberstein has worked for Tillamook Regional Medical Center for 10 years. She worked on med-surg for many years, and works in outpatient therapy now as an oncology nurse. “I love the patients,” she said, “I love their spirits, it’s very rewarding work. Oncology patients become like your family, you get to know their kids and their grandkids. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s very rewarding; and it’s important for their treatment, too. Our oncology patients feel like they are receiving treatment from people who know them personally and care about them.”

Sara grew up in Forest Grove and moved to Tillamook when she married. She and her husband live on a mini-farm up the Wilson River, where they have cows, chickens and a miniature donkey. Sara enjoys raising heritage poultry, such as old-fashioned grass fed turkeys. The couple has five dogs and a bottle-fed Nubian goat that thinks he’s a dog. The goat is house-trained, he sits on the couch and wags his tail; he runs and sleeps and plays with the dogs. Sara has pictures of him on her phone; ask her to show you.

DAISY nurses are trustworthy, observant, professional, and they mentor others. They are team players, devoted, attentive and persistent; they are caring, holistic in their care, and knowledgeable. DAISY nurses are compassionate, focused and cheerful, and always prioritize their patients’ needs first.

Celebrating the Compassionate Care of Extraordinary Nurses