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2013 Fair Basket Winner


Congratulations to Sylvie Balance of Tillamook, winner of the 2013 Tillamook Regional Medical Center fair basket. Sylvie entered a drawing at the First Aid booth at the Tillamook County Fair. She successfully answered questions about heart health, urgent care and more. Sylvie’s correct entry was drawn at the close of the fair.

“I never win anything!” Sylvie said when she picked up her basket. “Well, I take that back. I won a knapsack when I was in college. But I entered that drawing about 100 times. I only entered this one once! It is a real pick-me-up to win this.”

French Canadian and born in Quebec, Sylvie has lived in Oregon for about 20 years. She has two part-time jobs and she volunteers for the Tillamook Transportation District. “I love Tillamook,” she said. “This is home to me. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”