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Dr. Hardy Honored with Mission Service Award

Awards & Recognition

Cancer is the disease that Americans fear most, according to a 2011 study conducted by Harris Interactive for the MetLife Foundation. Because of his knowledge, professionalism, and compassion, Russell I. Hardy, M.D., oncologist, has been nominated by his peers to receive this year’s Adventist Health Mission Service Award.

Dr. Hardy was chosen by exemplifying the following characteristics:

1.Manifests a life of integrity.
2.Incorporates loving care into practice.
3.Encourages others to incorporate loving care into practice.
4.Displays empathy for patients and staff.
5.Sees patients as whole persons (body, mind, and spirit).
6.Elicits confidence from patients and staff.
7.Is open- minded about matters of faith.
8.Exhibits sensitivity to emotions of others in the face of difficult situations such as end of life issues, poor prognosis, and emotionally- charged circumstances.
9.Is recognized by others as a caring practitioner.
10.When needed, integrates spiritual experts into care plan including the chaplains and clergy, or other spiritual leaders.

“Dr. Hardy has dedicated over 20 years to the care of cancer patients in Ukiah,” shared the Director of Medical Staff at UVMC, Paula Radell, who continued to say, “The letters supporting Dr. Hardy’s nomination include personal and professional stories of triumph, loss, and gratitude by community members from all walks of life.”

One such letter from someone who preferred to remain anonymous stated:

“In my opinion, [Dr.] Hardy is the most loving oncologist I have ever met. I consider it a loving act to tell the truth even though the patient may not want to hear it. He bases the truth on science as he knows it, and the integrity he carries in his soul to treat people with respect – the way he would want to be treated. [Dr. Hardy] treats the whole patient. His work is complex and emotional, but he is “there” for his patients every day. He works tirelessly with them to deal with their fears and find a path toward the best quality of life they can have. He encourages them to take the time to do the things that are important to them, and he understands that many times it is not the path of endless medical intervention. He has the courage to say what many of his colleagues cannot, and his patients love and respect him for it.”

Thanks to Dr. Hardy, cancer patients in Mendocino County can receive the care they need close to home. UVMC CEO, Gwen Matthews, also shared, “Our community is truly blessed to have a physician of Dr. Hardy’s caliber and compassion here in Ukiah.”

Dr. Hardy will be presented with his award at the 2012 Adventist Health Physicians Symposium in Roseville, CA, on October 16.