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A tale of two cities



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September 10, 2012

A tale of two cities

Twins born in two different towns, two hours apart

When Tiffany Clarke left for work at The American Trading Company on a sunny Saturday morning a week ago, she never imagined she would become a local two towns!  Her twins weren’t due for another two weeks, but boys-will-be boys, and they had a different agenda.

Holding down the shop by herself, Tiffany suddenly felt a dull pain.  Certainly not labor pain. It was too early, and it didn’t hurt that much.  An hour later Tiffany called her boss to cover for her, and her husband to pick her up. Frustrated after being stuck in weekend traffic, Felipe arrived to find Tiffany on the ground, and tiny feet showing.  Tylor Perez, 5 pounds 4 ounces, entered the world feet first in Calistoga, California.  The EMTs arrived to find Tylor wrapped in his daddy’s shirt, and surrounded by a sea of clean aprons provided by employees of Sarafornia Restaurant next door.  The EMTs cut the umbilical cord, and reassured Tiffany that, “It’s ok, everything is finished.”  Then to their astonishment, Tiffany replied, “No, it’s not.  There’s another one coming.  Really, there’s another one in there!”

Two hours later Phillip Perez, 5 pounds 10 ounces, also decided to come into this world feet first, and was safely delivered by Dr. Brian Henry at St. Helena Hospital, in St. Helena, California.  Phillip’s birth was more difficult, and Tiffany said, “I am glad I was here at St. Helena Hospital with Dr. Henry.  He made me laugh all the way through the delivery.”

Mother, Father, and big sister Arianna, age 2, are home with the twins, and everyone is doing well.  Phillip and Tylor will grow up having a unique story to tell and birth certificates from two different towns to prove it.


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