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More Accurate Results with New GI Equipment


Ukiah Valley Medical Center recently acquired new Esophageal Manometry and 24 hour pH study equipment. According to Michele Ford-Berarra GI nurse navigator, “Our new equipment gives doctors more accurate results for prescribing treatment methods for a host of GI issues.”

Harry B. Matossion, M.D. local gastroenterologist is particularly excited by the arrival of the new testing equipment. “Essentially the test which will be conducted at the Ukiah Valley Outpatient Pavilion is a wonderful tool and asset to our community. With the Esophageal Manometry (EM) testing equipment we’ll be able to more accurately diagnose all kinds of swallowing disorders, and issues related to acid reflux. Another benefit is that this is the only facility in Mendocino and Lake counties which provides this testing.”

Patients who used to have to travel out of the area can now stay close to home for this state-of-the-art test. This is especially appealing to Brian Hanson, M.D., who shared, “I used to send patients south for this type of testing and then have to wait for the results. Now I can perform the test here and read the results myself, providing patients with a consistent care experience.” Dr. Hanson, echoed comments made by Dr. Matossian, affirming his sentiments about the EM testing, “I’m excited to offer this procedure to our patients which will help us to more accurately diagnose everything from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, esophagus related chest pain, swallowing disorders, and other disorders associated with the esophagus.”

Regarding the 24 hour pH test Berarra added, “This test is performed by hooking patients up to a monitor they wear at home. It tests the pH in the patient’s stomach and esophagus while they do their normal daily activities, like working, eating, and even watching TV. After the 24 hour test is performed the results are then loaded into a computer where the doctors can read the results.

To find out if EM testing is right for you please contact Dr. Matossian or Dr. Hanson by calling 1-(800)-540-3611.

(Drs. Hanson (left) and Matossian (right) review a recent Esophageal Manometry test
to determine the best treatment option for the patient.

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