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Women's Health Week

Women's Health

With the theme of “It’s Your Time” which essentially means that it’s time for women to take charge of their health, National Women’s Health week kicks off on Mother’s Day May 13 and ends May 19. It’s time for women in our community to take charge of their health, a sentiment shared by Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center’s newest Nurse Practitioner, Kathy Truelsen.

“Sometimes the smallest issues can impose on a woman’s life in a big way, without her realizing it. These small things can affect relationships, self-image, and sexuality; leading to depression. Women need to know they don’t have to live like that,” said Truelsen.

Before relocating to Ukiah, Truelsen served as a nurse practitioner at Purdue University Student Health Care Center helping women in that community. About relocating to Ukiah Truelsen said, “I had vacationed in Northern California several times and fell in love with the beauty and the hospitality of the people.” In fact the hospitality of the UVRHC, its staff and the diversity of the area are all reasons Truelsen chose Ukiah. “Purdue University has one of the most diverse student bodies in the country and it was a wonderful experience. I hope to share in the rich diversity of Ukiah as well,” shared Truelsen.

Something that Truelsen would like to encourage women to do is “Make a commitment to take care of their health during Women’s Health Week and schedule an appointment with their doctor or nurse practitioner. Come in and talk about your concerns and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” Truelsen went on to say, “If you’ve had trouble communicating with your teen I am here to help. Sometimes it’s hard for girls when they are transitioning from pediatrics and it can be a great opportunity to get them in with someone they can trust.”

Kathy Truelsen, nurse practitioner is seeing patients at Ukiah Valley Women’s Health Center at 1050 N. State St. in Ukiah. To schedule an appointment call (707) 462 2945