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Solace in a Cup

Human Interest

3/9/2012 - Solace in a Cup 

From time-to-time we all need comfort and warmth and that is exactly the salvation that Margaret Ridgway experienced on a cool day March 2 at Café 260.

“Over the past year I’ve been to many hospitals, including Ukiah Valley Medical Center at least ten times. Most recently my husband Les had an emergency surgery at UVMC. The care he received from everybody was exceptional. His surgeon, Dr. Ziad Hanna, went above and beyond what was expected. He even gave us his cell phone number to call him the night before surgery if we had any last minute questions or fears. Never before have I had a more concerned and competent doctor,” exclaimed Ridgway.

In addition Ridgway went on to say, “The nurses were very attentive and did all they could to keep us both comfortable. I have been to UVMC in the past with family, friends and clients and never had care like this. It’s noticeable that things have changed.”

Recently Ridgway returned to the campus of UVMC to pick up a prescription at Meyers Pharmacy and noticed Café 260. “At that moment I needed comfort and warmth and got both. The latte I got was one of the best I’ve had in a long time and it was exactly what I needed at that moment in time,” continued Ridgway.

When asked what she would want someone to know about UVMC? Ridgway replied, “I used to feel that UVMC was lacking in many areas. I no longer feel that way and am very happy to share my experience with others. In fact today I was visiting a doctor in the pavilion and ended my visit with a smoothie from the café which made me feel even better.”

In closing Ridgway said, “I would like people to take advantage of the resources UVMC has to offer from doctors to Café 260, who knows you might find the comfort and warmth you’ve been looking for.”

Café 260 is located at 260 Hospital Drive in Ukiah at the Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center next to Meyers Pharmacy.

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