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Get Your Plate in Shape


March is National Nutrition month and something that Kathleen Cervantes, director of nutritional services at Ukiah Valley Medical Center is urging patients, family and friends take to heart.

“We are featuring a ‘Nutrition Tip of the Day’ in our cafeteria to keep good nutrition on everyone’s mind. An example of a tip being shared is to stock your pantry with whole grains. Get your plate in shape and choose whole grains over white or refined grains for your family. Make sure at least half of your grains are whole,” shared Cervantes.

In addition UVMC is sharing a Stoplight guide to good nutrition featuring; green light - butternut squash soup or baked chicken with chimichurri sauce; yellow light – deli sandwich with roast beef and veggies no cheese or low fat fruit yogurt parfait; red light – cream cheese cinnamon roll, cheese enchiladas, high in fat, sodium and calories. Cervantes exclaimed, “we’re trying to make nutrition as simple as possible; green means go and red means stop!”

During the month of March UVMC is also offering a Nutrition Boot Camp series of nutrition classes offered each Thursday throughout the month. Registered Dietitian and host Annie Dogali said, “Our first class was so full that we have to change the location to the Glenn Miller Conference room in the hospital.” If you are interested in attending please call ahead, space is limited, (707)-463-7340.

“By offering our Stoplight, Nutrition Tip, Nutrition Boot Camp, and Guide to Healthy Eating, we’re determined to make a difference in the lives of our patients, their families, and friends,” commented Cervantes.

To learn more about healthy eating habits and how it can make a positive impact in your life come by UVMC’s cafeteria or Café 260 and learn how to get your plate in shape!