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Improperly Stored Vaccines


A recent Good Morning America shared an Inspector General’s investigative report that was obtained exclusively by ABC News. The report found that in a study of 45 doctor offices and clinics that up to 75 percent store vaccines at temperatures that are either too hot or too cold, based on manufacturer guidelines.

According to Jeremy S. Mann, M.D. local pediatrician at the Ukiah Valley Rural Health center, “Our pediatrics office and other provider offices at the UVRHC have 24 hour temperature monitoring to make sure that vaccines are stored at the proper temperature.” Good news for parents and patients who receive their health care at the UVRHC.

Kelly Keath, office supervisor for pediatrics at the UVRHC had this to add, “We monitor our vaccines daily. We also check the thermometers in our freezers and refrigerators and keep a log of the temperatures and vaccines stored within.” When asked what the logs are used for Kelly said, “The pharmacy comes and reviews our logs once a month to verify that everything is being stored properly.”

In closing, Dr. Mann stated, “Each of the offices at the UVRHC are Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, California Department of Public Health, and Vaccines for Children inspected. We can definitely say that our vaccines are safe for our patients.”

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