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I'm Going to Disneyland

“I’m going to Disneyland” is a familiar phrase you hear athletes say after winning the big game at the pinnacle of their sport. It’s also a statement Mildred Tripp recently made when asked what she planned to do after her treatments were done at the Advanced Wound Center (AWC) at Ukiah Valley Medical Center.

According to Frederick Burris, M.D., medical director of the AWC, “Mildred has been coming since February to help heal her venous stasis and arterio-sclerotic wound and has been making excellent progress.” At which point Mildred piped-up, “This place is fantastic. Where else can you go and tease your doctor while he’s working on you?”

Dr. Burris continued, “We’re treating Mildred’s wound with an Apligraf, a form of bio-engineered skin substitute which acts as real human tissue to bind the wound and heal it. We’re also performing compression therapy.”

Mildred’s daughter Patti also had something good to say, “When mom was first released from the hospital, she had to take a pain pill just to come in here.” When asked how they heard about the AWC, Patti said, “Dr. Jorge Allende gave us a referral and so did mom’s physical therapist, Ed Morgan.”

“I’m planning on giving someone my walker and wheelchair already, and when this is all done, I’m going to Disneyland!” exclaimed Mildred.

The AWC is now accepting new patients at 415 Hospital Drive in Ukiah. To determine if the treatment options at the AWC are right for you, talk with your doctor or call (707)-467-5230.

(Pictured: Registered Nurse, Sheri Schramer, wraps Mildred Tripp's ankle to protect it from the elements and to help stimulate the healing process.)