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UVMC Appoints New IT Director


Ukiah Valley Medical Center has appointed Lentz Ferrel as the new director of information technology. Ferrel has been serving as interim director since June and replaces David Eastman who had previously served in that position for two years. Information technology is branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers to store, retrieve, and transmit information, according to Brandon Parker, UVMC’s chief financial officer.

“Lentz has exhibited the ability to perform above and beyond expectations especially through the phone crisis that we experienced back in June and the rollout of SurgiNet,” stated Parker.

“He is a welcomed addition to our team at UVMC,” Parker continued.

Having worked as chief information officer for other health care facilities, Ferrel comes to UVMC with years of experience.

Born and raised in Oregon, Ferrel embraced the opportunity to work in Ukiah which he likens to Oregon. “It’s truly a beautiful place and with a diverse landscape. The Redwoods also remind me of the part of Oregon I’m from,” shared Ferrel.

When asked how he enjoys working at UVMC, Ferrel said, “I have a great, talented staff, everyone cooperates, leadership at Adventist Health and UVMC is supportive. Together we’re going to be able to build for the future and get the job done”.

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