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Rideout Health Names Director of Critical Care

Rideout Press Releases

Rideout Health is pleased to announce that Mark Vaux, BSN-CCRN, BSRT-RRT/NPS, has been named director of the hospital's critical care department. Mark comes to FRHG from Meridian Health in Central New Jersey, with a wealth of management and nursing experience.

"Mark has a passion for critical care and is a strong leader," said Teri Grassau, Chief Nursing Officer. "We are all excited that he will be providing critical care leadership."

In his position as Director of Critical Care, Mark will oversee both ICU and CVICU.

"Mark's skills and experience will make him a very valuable addition to our leadership team at FRHG," said Chance White, Chief Clinical Officer. "He is a strong leader with an impressive record of success, and we are happy to welcome him to the hospital."

In his role, Mark will provide direct management and leadership for the critical care nursing staff. His responsibilities will include facilitating efficient care across the continuum of critical care; collaborating with and coordination of ancillary services to provide a seamless plan of care; monitoring and improving patient outcomes and growing internal applicants into critical care nurses.

"My goal is to transfer internal applicants and grow them into critical care nurses," stated Mark. "We have plenty of people who now work at FRHG who are qualified. So, we're creating a nurse residency and a fast-track critical care internship to expedite staff's classroom and clinical experience."

He continued, "We're trying to look at all of the processes; there's always room for improvement. Right now, we're working to correct the small things that lead to big victories. For instance, we're creating processes that will help decrease the time our managers spend doing paperwork. This alone will make a big difference in time savings, as it will allow managers to be out amongst the hands-on care and staff."

Another goal, that is in the development stages now, is "Team Critical Care" which is being designed so that all team members will understand that there is no one person on the team who is more important than the other. "Nursing Assistants, for instance, are on the front line with patients and patient families. Their job is very important," explained Mark.

Mark is excited about his move from New Jersey to Marysville. "I'm happy to be working here, I like Rideout — and this community: It's a small hospital with BIG CITY accomplishments in a small and neighborly town. It reminds me of the small agricultural community in Pennsylvania where I grew up. I feel very at home here."