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In the Blink of an Eye

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7/10/2012 - In the Blink of an Eye 

July is National Eye Injury Awareness month. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, approximately 2.5 million eye injuries happen in the United States each year. Of those injuries more than half happen in or near the home—more than injuries at work and school combined.

“Eye injuries happen fast—in the blink of an eye, you might say,” said David B. Scollin, O.D., local Optometrist. “You have no time to react. That’s why it’s so important to protect your eyes from harm!” stated Dr. Scollin emphatically.

Many of the common eye injuries that afflict our community can be prevented. Dr. Scollin continued, “Our region of the country is very dry in the summer, sunny and often windy, with small particles of debris floating through the air. Likewise many in our community work in the agricultural and trade industry and need to be made aware of eye safety.”

When asked what the most common eye injuries he sees and how they can be prevented Dr. Scollin shared, “The most common eye injury I see is a corneal abrasion, which can happen by being poked in the eye, from debris like dirt, sand, sawdust, and metal. You can prevent these injuries by always wearing the proper eyewear; goggles, protective glasses, sun glasses, especially at home where injuries are actually more common.”

Dr. Scollin continued, “If your eye is irritated, whatever you do, don’t rub it. Schedule an appointment immediately to have your eye examined and treated as necessary. Treatments include a pressure patch over the eye to help draw out debris and occasional protective contact lenses, eye glasses, and sunglasses.”

Dr. Scollin has been seeing patients in Mendocino and Lake Counties for over 31 years. His office is located at 1165 S. Dora, suite B-1 in Ukiah. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Scollin call (707) 462-0581.

(Pictured: Dr. Scollin chats with a patient before looking through his slit lamp biomicroscope, which will give him a magnified view of the patients eyes.)

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