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Let Your Love GLOW

Human Interest

“This little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it Shine, This little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it Shine”, begins the familiar and catchy American folk hymn. The song was written in 1920 by the late Harry Dixon Loes, and has since been used as a civil rights anthem and has become a favorite tune of children.

At Ukiah Valley Medical Center, the song plays in nicely through the generosity of two local Ukiah natives Eli Edelman and Noah Edelman; 10 and six, respectively. Both boys were born at UVMC and have a special bond with the facility as does their mother Debra Edelman.

What makes the Edelman brothers connection to UVMC even more remarkable is their spirit of philanthropy.

“Every year during Hanukah, we practice the tradition of tzedakah, which loosely translates into good deeds, or well-being of others,” shared Debra. Because of that tradition, Noah decided he wanted to give back to UVMC this year, and to the department where he was born, The Family Birth Center. “It just happened to be one of the things I wanted to give to this year, and it’s a great organization”, a sentiment that his older brother Eli reiterated.

The boys’ gifts were well received and timely according to Allyne Brown, director of philanthropy at UVMC. “We’re in the process of raising funds to revitalize the rooms in our Family Birth Center.” The campaign, which is titled Let Your Love GLOW, is centered around Valentine’s Day and raises funds for the revitalization process. “If you give to the Let Your Love GLOW project we will light a luminary with your special someone’s name on it and that special someone will receive a personalized Valentine’s Day card in the mail. You and that someone are encouraged to come to the luminary lighting on February 13,” said Brown. 

The Edelman family also had the opportunity to tour the Family Birth Center with CEO, Gwen Matthews, who was delighted to show the family the fruits of their contribution. “It’s such an encouragement to see children in our society that value giving to others, to the most helpless of creatures, babies in fact, as these boys.”

After touring The Family Birth Center, Noah asked, “Can we see the ER?” in which Matthews gladly obliged. 

To find out how you can Let Your Love GLOW and help with the revitalization process of the Family Birth Center, call (707) 462-3111 ext. 5224 or visit online at

(Pictured: Noah (left) and Eli (right) see how their contribution is helping the newborns in the Family Birth Center at UVMC.)

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