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Special Delivery


Jessica Osborn was wheeled into the Obstetrics Department at Ukiah Valley Medical Center early on Friday January 27, 2012. At 35 weeks pregnant Ms. Osborn had enjoyed a “normal” pregnancy, with no complications. She arrived at the hospital at 4:45 a.m. after realizing she needed prompt medical attention.

“I had been feeling tight cramping throughout the night and my water broke” said Ms. Osborn. She would later find out her placenta had detached from her uterus.

Justin McNeil, boyfriend of Ms. Osborn, jumped out of bed to see what was going on, when he realized it wasn’t her “water” that broke but blood. That’s when Ms. Osborn contacted her mom, Elise Wilkins, a registered nurse at the Mendocino Community Health Clinic. Ms. Osborn went on to say, “My mom said the most important thing is to stay calm.”

Ms. Wilkins brought her daughter to UVMC’s Family Birth Center immediately. “When I arrived the nurses got me a wheelchair and brought me right in,” commented Ms. Osborn. Dr. Karen Crabtree evaluated Jessica and determined she needed to be rushed into surgery for an emergency cesarean section.

Ms. Osborn was told she lost nearly half of her blood volume, roughly 5 pints and three large blood clots, during the ordeal. Ms. Osborn was later told she, “would not have made it” if she wouldn’t have come to Ukiah Valley Medical Center right away.

Ms. Osborn along with her newborn son spent five days in the Family Birth Center at UVMC. Justin McNeil, JR was born January 27 at 5:48 p.m., weighing just over 5 pounds. He has steadily grown since being discharged. Ms. Osborn acknowledged the obstetrics department nurses at UVMC were very helpful, encouraging and informative.