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Angels of Love


Imagine making two trips to the hospital each week. That’s Marie Denham’s story for the past two years. Each week, she goes to Ukiah Valley Medical Center to receive fluids for her kidneys. “Marie’s usual room is 126; during the past two years, our staff has embraced Marie as a family member, not just a patient. Many of us have adopted her as a mother, sister or grandparent.” said Angle (pronounced Angel) Slater, registered nurse and friend of Marie.

Marie moved to Ukiah with her husband, a native Ukiahan, back in 1947 and has had a love-hate relationship with the hospital ever since; well mostly love as she’ll tell you. According to Marie, “I used to hear bad things about the hospital; you know how rumors can spread in a small town. The truth is the hospital is a really good place, it really is.”

On one trip in November, Marie was placed in room 110, which she doesn’t mind, at least not when she knew she’d be in the care of the best nursing team as named by Advanced for Nurses magazine in 2011). “The nurses are great, they’ve become my friends. They truly are angels and are so kind to me,” stated Marie.

You see, Marie has such great experiences at UVMC she wanted to share it with others. “The hospital has good food, sweet nursing staff, and everyone seems to be nice.”

According to Marie, the moral of the story is that when you really need a hospital, you want to experience a place like UVMC.

Angels of Love
Pictured: Front Row (from left): Angle Slater, RN, and Marie Denham. Middle Row (from left): April Whitchurch, CNA; Melanie Parker, RN. Back Row: Brandy Sanford, Ward Clerk; Tarise Arnold, Nutritional Services; Maria Tyrell, Ward Clerk; Beatriz Cisneros, CNA; Kathleen Little, RN.