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Adventist Health/Medical Group Welcomes New Pediatrician


Elwyn Garaza, MD, is available for appointments beginning March 1

Adventist Health/Medical Group is pleased to welcome a new pediatrician to the group beginning March 1. Elwyn Garaza, MD, is a board eligible pediatrician, who is taking his boards this coming fall. Dr. Garaza earned his medical degree from Loma Linda University and completed his pediatric residency at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. After completing his residency, Dr. Garaza traveled around the country as a Locum Tenens physician.

Asthma and related conditions are of great interest to Dr. Garaza and facilitated his becoming a pediatrician when in medical school. His practice also has a strong emphasis on physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle and he takes a strong interest in families who want to get or stay fit. Dr. Garaza practices what he preaches, as well, and can be seen regularly at the YMCA doing resistance training, or running 20+ miles per week, or out on his road bike.

Dr. Garaza is also an avid photographer and enjoys many other forms of art, including pencil/charcoal drawing and digital illustration. He plays the piano at church and occasionally plays guitar for camp retreats and informal events.

Despite Dr. Garaza’s youthful appearance and easy-going nature with kids, he believes that medicine is a practice of educating patients and their whole families about how they can treat their bodies better so they can expect more from themselves.

“As a community, we should not merely want to raise healthy children, but healthy adults who learn at an early age to take charge of their own health and of the adults they are to become,” says Dr. Garaza. “As a physician who believes in the Bible, our Creator has given us ways that we can keep our temple fit and my goal is to help share those strategies with my patients.”

To schedule an appointment or a free get acquainted visit with Dr. Garaza, call (509)-527-8152.