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UVMC Reducing the Rate of Infection


Certified in Infection Control (CIC®).

According to the CBIC, Mason has demonstrated a mastery of infection prevention and control knowledge by taking and passing a comprehensive examination. Certification is maintained through successful completion of a recertification examination every five years.

When asked how this certification will benefit the community, Mason said, “It ensures we [UVMC] are following best practices and are up to date on current infection control standards and regulations. Our goal is to prevent patients, visitors, and our health care workers from developing infections.”

On a national level, infection rates at hospitals and health care facilities have been increasing. A recent report released by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology found that MRSA infections are 8.6 times more prevalent than previous estimates. However, Mason shared that the infection rates at UVMC are well below national averages.

When asked why infection rates are so low Mason responded, “We [UVMC] train all of our staff on and hygiene several times throughout the year. We also involve patients in the hand hygiene education. I also review best practices and make sure that our staff and physicians are up-to-date and stay current.”

In closing, Mason stated, “It’s all about peace-of-mind, and giving that feeling to our patients and their significant others. An extended stay can create anxiety in many people. They shouldn’t have to worry about the risk of infection as well.”

Giant Germ

(Pictured: A Giant Germ shares the importance of hand hygiene with Ukiah Valley Medical Center employees at a recent hand hygiene education week where they learned to always, "Gel-in and Gel-out)

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