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New Chief of Staff Named at UVMC


Jorge Allende, M.D. has been appointed new chief of staff by the medical staff at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. Dr. Allende follows Laura L. Wedderburn, M.D. who finished serving out her two-year term as chief in June.

Dr. Allende specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics. He is also a member of the hospitalist group which is responsible for the care patients receive during an extended length of stay at UVMC.

The chief of staff is selected by his peers based on performance, leadership skills, being a physician in good standing, is an active member of the medical staff, and is a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine. “Dr. Allende served under Dr. Wedderburn as vice chief,” said Marvin Trotter, M.D., chief medical officer at UVMC. “And he has the leadership skills and tenacity to perform well in his new role,” continued Dr. Trotter.

Some of the responsibilities of the chief of staff are to represent the medical staff to the governing board, enforcing the hospital bylaws with the medical staff, and collaborates with the executive committee to help meet the needs of the medical staff and hospital.

According to Dr. Allende, he’s looking forward to his new role, “I’m up for the challenge.” When asked what he hopes to accomplish during his term, he said, “We really have some exciting things happening at UVMC that will help sustain the future of our community. I want to leave a lasting impression on the medical staff that will give them a positive outlook of UVMC. I’m also excited to be a part of recruiting new physicians to our community.”

While he is off duty, Dr. Allende enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, two daughters and his son. He also enjoys what he calls, “old school photography,” using a 4 inch x 5 inch film camera, cooking, and mountain biking. 

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